All white in Oslo: skaters throughout the Spikersuppa rink.

All white in Oslo: skaters throughout the Spikersuppa rink.

T here’s no best antidote to your dirt and aggravation of staying in sub-Saharan Africa than a good amount of Nordic Noir. Whenever I lived in the UK, I used around Rate My Date dating apps solely African books and movie, nevertheless these weeks – in Ghana and actually looking for comparison – I have invested many a flushed nights gazing admiringly at Sarah Lund’s woolly jumpers and Saga Noren’s leather-based pants, settling the it seems that respected spate of serial killings in Danish and Swedish dark.

Therefore it got with some thrills that I ventured to Oslo this period. I happened to be born in Norway, but I have accumulated small understanding since making in childhood apart from predictable rumours of deep fjords, high taxes, cross-country skiing and gothic eyebrows. Despite my lack of knowledge, i’ve shared my Norwegian roots around with me – and discovered all of them as not practical to packaging as an unbarred sub and as perplexing to translate as a couple of Ikea guidelines.

You have the limitless intrigue at passport control (“you’re produced where?”), that has helped me quite defiant about the thought of impossibility to be a black colored person from Stavanger (pronounced “Stav-anj-uh” if you find yourself an United states immigration officer), in addition to irritation of some other mispronounced name to enhance my personal checklist.

Thus after an eternity of hauling my personal available sandwich around, I was wondering observe whether i really could take in one.

Or whether or not the habit of use used fish on breads would, like many Scandi stereotypes, getting exploded inside the crisp Nordic environment.

Mostly I wanted to understand what its want to be a black colored Scandinavian. My personal mom research getting almost really the only black person in Norway once we always live there.