U.S. Forest Provider. Aspen suckers on a-root from south Utah

U.S. Forest Provider. Aspen suckers on a-root from south Utah

Us Section of Farming

Aspen Decline

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A wholesome aspen grove inside east Sierra Nevada in the Tahoe National Forest, Ca. Image by Linnea Hanson.

Aspen grove from inside the Sierra Nevada mountains, Ca. Photo by Linnea Hanson.

Fun Reality

Aspens typically reproduce from underlying suckers in the place of vegetables.

Aspen suckers on a root from south Utah. Pic by B. Campbell.

Something appears to be going on to the aspens that paint the hills gold every fall, leaving bald patches across the Rocky Mountain West. Some aspen stands aren’t dealing with disruption and of course regenerating the way they have previously. The mystery of this aspen drop deepens because seems to be taking place merely in a few stands plus in some Western shows and is also perhaps not affecting any surrounding woods, though many of these have-been affected by mountain pine beetle problems. Woodland scientists work to find out what exactly is occurring into the aspen groves.

The aspen decline is many visible in southwest Colorado, northern Arizona, and components of Utah and Canada, but is also in Idaho, Nevada, Montana, and south Wyoming.