All needs for a person’s area and name.

All needs for a person’s area and name.

Precisely describe the reason for requesting user facts or apply accounts connecting

You need to plainly and correctly disclose the legitimate busine reason for requesting user information like email, phone number, day of delivery, gender or personal needs. If you work with the Permiions API you should divulge this into the “context” area inside matching system.

Activities become restricted from asking for the subsequent data via the conversational program (text, picture or address) in most circumstances.

Payment or financial facts

Instances: credit and bank account figures. Reference the monetary Services plan.

Verification data

Examples: including full or partial pawords or PINs.

Character facts

Examples: paport wide variety, nationwide ID numbers, societal safety numbers, people licenses amounts or income tax IDs.

Medical care information

Painful And Sensitive Personal Information

Advice: requesting a person’s ethnicity, political association, intimate direction, or religious association.

Accounts linking and identity

You might use Bing Sign-In and/or the levels Linking API with OAuth 2 to create a connection between a Bing user and a preexisting non-Google profile on the system. When applying profile connecting making use of OAuth, it is vital that you possess your OAuth endpoint or has control over it with an OAuth service provider. Never offer URLs from Identity companies immediately within behavior on Google configuration. Just one OAuth config per actions package was allowed.

Avoid using all other solution to aociate a Google individual with an account in your system, such as making use of an aociation from another Action participating in profile linking, or asking for a message or phone number. If you offer numerous activities calling for profile linking, each activity must individually make use of the membership Linking API — making use of the setting defined in the respective activity package — to aociate the Bing individual together with the established membership.